Woodson Senior Residences

Yates Center

201 West Butler Ave.

Constructed in 1887, the Woodson Hotel was considered “one of the finest buildings in this section of the state." Up until around the turn of the century there was no electricity, gas, telephone or running water in the hotel. In 2009, SWD was approached to develop a design for converting the hotel into apartments for senior adults. The design included nine new apartments, a new elevator, manager’s office, community room, outdoor community space, and a small parking lot. The original historic fabric and character of the building was maintained on the exterior of the building and on the interior in the public corridor areas and the original hotel lobby. The original lobby and reception desk area serve as the tenant’s community room. The restoration of this building has had a significant impact on the character of the surrounding neighborhood and will help contribute to the revitalization of Yates Center’s downtown.