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Featured Projects

Our architectural firm showcases a diverse portfolio, ranging from innovative senior living communities that prioritize wellness and continuum of care to multi-family residential spaces with luxurious amenities and vibrant communal areas. We’ve undertaken successful historic restoration and adaptive reuse projects, preserving heritage while infusing modern functionality.

Additionally, our expertise extends to affordable housing developments that prioritize comfort and sustainability, along with thoughtfully designed commercial spaces and cutting-edge healthcare facilities tailored for healing and optimal patient care.

Current Projects

At present, our architectural firm is actively engaged in constructing innovative senior living communities that prioritize adaptable care spaces and immersive amenities. Simultaneously, we’re bringing to life multi-family residential complexes that seamlessly blend indoor comforts with vibrant outdoor spaces and community-centric features.

Additionally, we’re diligently restoring historically significant structures, repurposing them for modern needs, while also contributing to affordable housing initiatives, crafting sustainable living solutions. Our ongoing projects also encompass the development of cutting-edge commercial spaces designed for productivity and dynamic healthcare facilities aimed at delivering superior patient care experiences.

Senior Living

Our firm specializes in crafting continuum of care senior living communities, seamlessly integrating independent living, assisted living, and memory care support services. We prioritize a holistic approach, designing spaces that adapt to residents’ evolving needs, ensuring comfort, accessibility, and a sense of community throughout their journey.

With a focus on innovative design and functionality, we create environments that promote wellness, independence, and a high quality of life for seniors.

Multi-family Residential

Our architectural expertise in multi-family residential design redefines luxury living by seamlessly blending indoor comforts with exceptional outdoor amenities. From a serene poolside oasis and inviting firepit lounge to a well-appointed gathering space, our meticulously crafted designs cater to diverse lifestyles.

With tailored features like a fully-equipped fitness center, tranquil yoga studio, pet-friendly areas including a dog run and convenient dog wash, and a sophisticated coffee & tea bar, we ensure an elevated living experience that embodies both relaxation and vibrant community engagement.

Historic Restoration & Adaptive Reuse

Since 1999, principals Paul Stark and Tim Wilson have led the design efforts of SWD, and in that time have successfully completed over 100 significant historic projects. SWD’s thoughtful vision for rehabilitation of neglected buildings in urban settings has played a major role in creating new in-city neighborhoods and revitalizing existing deteriorated urban areas.

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Affordable Housing

SWD Architects specializes in creating innovative solutions for affordable housing, prioritizing functionality, sustainability, and community-centric designs. Through thoughtful planning and cost-effective strategies, we aim to provide dignified and comfortable living spaces for individuals and families with varying economic needs.

Our focus on efficient design and resource optimization ensures that our affordable housing projects not only meet but exceed the expectations of livability and quality within budget constraints.


Our architectural firm specializes in healthcare design, focusing on creating healing environments that prioritize patient well-being, staff efficiency, and cutting-edge medical technology integration. Through evidence-based design principles and extensive collaboration with healthcare professionals, we craft spaces that enhance patient experiences, promote healing, and optimize operational functionality.

Our commitment lies in designing adaptable and innovative healthcare facilities that cater to diverse medical needs while fostering a sense of comfort, safety, and hope for all stakeholders.


Our architectural firm excels in commercial design, tailoring spaces that blend functionality, aesthetics, and brand identity. With a keen understanding of business objectives, we create innovative and flexible environments that enhance productivity, customer experience, and market appeal.

Our expertise spans diverse sectors, delivering bespoke solutions that reflect the unique needs and aspirations of each commercial client.